SYRCLE (Systematic Review Centre for Laboratory animal Experimentation; Radboudumc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) was officially founded in 2012. Already in 2008/2009 the center had shifted its previous focus from the 3Rs towards the conduct of systematic reviews, because these reviews provide a method to identify, select, appraise and synthesise all available research evidence. In our view, SRs not only facilitate the implementation of the 3Rs, they may also help to improve the methodological quality of animal studies and – last but not least – aid in securing the safety of human patients. To promote the conduct of systematic reviews in preclinical research, SYRCLE (1) offers education, including (online) introductions, hands-on training as well as coaching of researchers conducting their own SRs, (2) develops methodological tools and guidelines and (3) conducts its own systematic reviews of animal studies.